Here at The Hound we believe in two things; HIGH QUALITY at COMPETITIVE PRICING. No matter the budget range on an album, we aim to deliver a product that our clients will proudly share.

Studio time: $50 hourly / $375 daily

$175 per song.  Already have some music recorded? We’d be happy to take it, mix it and return it to you with polished results.

$40 per song.

If you have a budget in mind on how much you want to spend, give us a call. Together we can fine tune the mixing time and or tracking time needed in order to provide you with the best outcome within that budget.

Wondering why we don’t offer a flat rate to record a song? Many people commonly ask; ‘How much to record a song?’.  At which the engineer will typically respond, ‘That depends.’ You could walk in the door and knock out a song in a couple of hours or it could take several days of tracking to get everything the way you want for your song. This element is what makes doing ‘flat rate’ pricing for a song a very dangerous thing to do. Either someone is going to get heavily overcharged. Or the engineer will be making about $3 an hour.

Here at The Hound, our goal is to run a profitable business without exploiting you. We provide the environment that will allow you to be your best.